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Electric Solar Gates Perth

Solar Gates Perth

An Automatic driveway gate is a great way to increase the security of your home, but it will add to your power bill. To give you and your loved ones the security you deserve, without increasing your
power bill, Western Automate provides solar security gates in Perth. A solar gate provides all the comfort and ease of electric gates without on-going costs.

Solar powered gates are designed to save electricity cost which makes them a great option for residential as well as commercial needs. We offer solar gates in all sizes with a durable solar sliding
gate motor. A large battery is installed so you have substantial activity at night time and in the bad weather.

Advantages of Solar Powered Gates

There are numerous advantages of solar gates:

  • Your gate doesn’t need to be wired to the mains if you are unable to get power to the gate
  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • Minimal disruption to your garden and yard as there is no need to dig a trench for wiring
  • Cost efficient.

Back Up Batteries

If your gate is used frequently, especially at night, installing a back up battery will ensure you are never locked out of, or into your premises. Installing a backup, solar charged battery along with your solar operated gate will provide year-round hassle-free operation.

Best Value

Western Automate is the leading provider of Solar Driveway gates in Perth. We offer all our customers friendly service at reasonable rates including customized solar gates.

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