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Electric Telescopic Gates

Electric Telescopic Gates

A telescopic sliding vehicle gate is a solution for when you have restricted room and / or the retraction area is smaller than the opening.

A telescopic sliding gate can be made of numerous panels/gates, which all slide behind each other. Only one gate motor is still required, however special hardware is required for each panel.

Like the standard sliding gate, a telescopic sliding gate requires track for each panel/gate.

Again, there are options we can provide you for the track :
 – Form and pour of a full concrete plinth with set in gate track,
– Form and pour of a half concrete plinth with set in track and bolt down track on existing driveway (subject to a laser measure),
– Bolt down track to existing concrete driveway and retraction area (subject to a site laser measure),
– Installation of a skeletal track for when you are getting a new concrete driveway poured.






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