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Electric Sliding Gates

The standard electric sliding vehicle gate is our most popular choice for sliding gates for residential and rural properties. 

A standard electric sliding gate requires a track in/on the ground to slide on and a retraction area that is a bit bigger than the gate size itself.
For example, if the gate opening is 4 meters, you will require a retraction area of approximately 4.5 meters, totalling a length of approximately 8.5 meters. 

There are a few options we can provide you for the track :
 – Form and pour of a full concrete plinth with set in gate track,
– Form and pour of a half concrete plinth with set in track and bolt down track on existing driveway (subject to a laser measure),
– Bolt down track to existing concrete driveway and retraction area (subject to a site laser measure),
– Installation of a skeletal track for when you are getting a new concrete driveway poured.

The standard electric sliding vehicle gate can almost be installed everywhere, however depending on the ground levels and ground taper. If the ground level tapers too much other gate options may need to be considered or additional automation accessories may need to be installed with additional costs.






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