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Our Process

Our Process

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Design – At the initial sales consult a laser measure will be conducted. After receiving a deposit a 3d drawing of your chosen automatic gate design will be created by our drafting & design experts. This is where site specific requirements and identified and accounted for. Your design is also optimised for your automation package at this point. Paying attention to these finer details increases the longevity of your automation package drastically and is typically overlooked by our competitors. This is where you the customer can provide your feedback & once you are 100% happy, your approval for the job to proceed into the next step of the process, fabrication.

Fabrication – Our fabrication team’s many years of experience coupled with an extremely long list of trade qualifications is our guarantee that your project is fabricated to the highest levels of craftsmanship. TIG welding being favoured by our craftsman ensures absolute control of the fusion of the material. This is a skill demanding technique that Western Automate maintains as a standard to give your product maximum durability coupled with aesthetics.

Installation – The 3d drawings also aid in achieving a level of accuracy in our installs that is far above industry standards. This level of accuracy has enabled new installation techniques that have improved our product dramatically. Extremely experienced installers are used in the design process to optimise your project for installation ensuring the best fit possible.

Automation – The automation for your project has been planned from the very start of your project. Your needs have been identified, the needs of the automation have been identified, the wind loading has been calculated, cable routing has been determined, and the required geometry & positioning of your automation system has been optimised, so really all there is left to do is push a button, punch in a code, swipe or even just drive up to your brand new automatic gate. See it open, see it move with precision, with quality & with care.

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