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Sectional Sliding Gates

An Innovative Option for Sliding Gates In Small Spaces


We all know that residential block sizes are decreasing, so a normal sliding gate or swing gates may not be the answer to your gate needs. 

Sectional Sliding gates is an innovative option for narrow properties where driveway width is restricted or obstacles that prevent or impede traditional sliding gate retraction areas (eg, water tanks, water and gas meters, etc)

A traditional sliding gate requires a plinth that is twice as long as the gate and requires a retraction area away from the opening. 

A sectional sliding gate doesn’t require a typical retraction area, and can turn down the side of the property or driveway. 

The system is made from more than two panels, fitted with specially designed hardware that allows the panels to turn around a corner. 

Don’t be worried though, this gate doesn’t mean you can’t have the design you were wanting. All of our gates are fabricated in house, meaning this specially designed gate doesn’t limit the range of designs or styles we can do. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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