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Electric Double Swing Gates

Electric Double Swing Gates

Double swing vehicle gates consist of two leaves, two sets of hinges and can swing either inwards or outwards depending on your property.

Double swing vehicle gates are ideal for driveways that are larger than normal or span more than 3.5 meters in width. 

Unlike the single swing gate, double swing gates only require half of the gate opening for the open position.
For example if your gate opening was 4 meters, you will only require 2 meters behind or in front of the gate to open.

As there are two leaves, double swing vehicle gates do require two motor arms and one controller. 
Wiring will need to be run from one side of the driveway to the other, which may involve us cutting a channel across or removing and refitting pavers. If you are having a new driveway installed, conduit can be installed beforehand so we can run the cables later without cutting your new expensive driveway! 






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