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Cantilever Gates

Cantilever Gates

We get far less property for our money today, and that means space is at a premium. Whether it is a gate system for your business or home, finding a solution that offers good security and that doesn’t eat up space is increasingly important, and there are several options to choose from on the market today.

There is no doubt that sliding gates use much less space than swing gates and are increasingly popular, but there are still choices with these. One of these choices is automatic cantilever gates, which offers most of the space saving of traditional sliding gate, but they do so in a more cost-effective package.

Unlike a telescopic gate, custom cantilever gates require no support system or track, being self-supported on wheels. This does have one design consequence, as the cantilever weight distribution means that a cantilever gate needs to be approximately 50% longer than the size of the opening it protects to ensure balance and free movement. In practice, this means a longer space along the wall is needed, however, this is still much more compact that a traditional swing gate option.

Because the cantilever gate uses less support, with the largest portion of the gate above the ground, automatic cantilever gates offer a great solution for homes or businesses that need a secure entry solution where the ground is uneven. This also makes them a more suitable option for gravel driveways, grass areas or other looser ground, where tracks would be difficult to lay.

Although the gate itself is by necessity heavier than a comparable telescopic gate, it requires much less support. Importantly, without posts and track needing to be installed in the opening itself, automatic cantilever gates can be fitted faster and more cheaply. For new buildings where perimeter security is being designed, the cantilever gate option offers a practical and effective solution, with the extra length required being easy to accommodate.

Custom cantilever gates can be tailored to any opening and to match any building style or design easily. Combined with custom fence inserts, a new automatic entry system can be created that blends perfectly with existing architecture and delivers the seamless, easy to use security that homes and businesses need today.

Retaining all the convenience of automatic operation with the peace of mind of effective security, custom cantilever gates are a user-friendly, flexible answer for security in any situation. From design to colour, everything can be tailored to match your needs, providing peace of mind, security and ease of use in one, quickly installed package.

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