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Telescopic Gates

Telescopic Gates

When it comes to security at home or for any business, having the right gate system in place is an essential component. There are many types to choose from, however in space restricted situations automatic telescopic gates are a great solution.

A key advantage of residential telescopic gates is that they work well in restricted spaces. In a typical home or small business installation, traditional gates swing gates can cause issues, as you lose the space that the gates open into. This can be considerable, a 2-meter-long gate that swings 120 degrees travels over 4 meters when opening, space that cannot be used for anything else.

However, automatic telescopic gates take up virtually no space at all, as they extend out from the wall and retract alongside it. Some residential telescopic gates retract inside the wall structure itself, and as a result use no additional space at all. When space is at a premium, telescopic security gates are the practical choice.

It would be a mistake to think that space is the only reason to choose automatic telescopic gates though. For gates to your home or businesses, having sturdy, secure gates is important, but ensuring they have good looks too matters as well. No matter how much we value security, when it comes to our homes, we want everything to blend in, and residential telescopic gates do this too.

In fact, when used with matching fence infills they can provide a completely unified look for your home or business, reflecting the style of the property. Because automatic telescopic gates can be custom built, they offer an adaptable solution that fits into any location perfectly. With residential telescopic gates, any style, colour or design can be created to meet individual needs.

Of course, style and practicality only matter if the gates do their job, and telescopic security gates offer high levels of safety and usability as well. Strong and sturdy, they provide peace of mind for any situation, offering both physical and visual protection from intrusion. The convenience of automatic electric opening and closing also add to the safety, shutting the gates no longer becomes a chore, and is easily accomplished. Where manual gates are left open longer, automated telescopic gates make it much more practical to open and shut gates for each visitor as required.

Flexible, secure and practical, automatic telescopic gates provide a great option for any situation, but with their compact design and ease of use, are especially suitable for any home.

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