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Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-Fold Gates

When it comes to adding gates to a home or business, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Automatic gates provide convenience and add control, but standard gates also take up a lot of space. For many, a telescopic gate is the solution, however, automated bifold gates offer an alternative way to enjoy a space saving gate solution while also providing a cost-effective alternative.

As property sizes are becoming smaller, it is often the case that with traditional swing gates, after taking into account the space then need to swing open, there is not enough room left to park your car behind them. Luckily, bifold gates for your home solve that problem. As they open, each gate also folds in half, reducing the space needed, meaning that there is more usable space behind them to fit a vehicle.

Unlike other space saving options, bifold gates for your home do not require the installation of tracks, making secure bifold gates both simpler, quicker and more cost effective to fit. While bifold gates are still hinged, the folding design means that they use less space to open that traditional gate designs, which is always useful in residential applications, and can be useful in many industrial settings too.

With just one touch of a button, the secure bifold gates swing smoothly open or closed, providing a user-friendly way to secure a property at all times. Thanks to the possibilities of custom design, your secure bifold gates do not have to look out of place either. From design to colour choice, bifold gates for your home can match your existing style perfectly, creating not just effective security, but a beautiful addition to your home.

Secure bifold gates are ideal for homes with limited space, offering a solution that doesn’t compromise on looks or security. Tough and secure, bifold gates for your home protect both physically and visually, preventing others from seeing into a property as well as providing a physical barrier to entry. Automatic bifold gates are the ideal, cost effective solution for your home or other property, offering a user-friendly and effective approach to security.

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