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Boom Gates

Automatic boom gates can be crucial to ensure proper management of a commercial or municipal building. In cities, boom gate systems are installed for multiple uses, including parking, traffic control, security or vehicle entry onto different types of premises. They are most often used in car parks, company premises, industrial premises, hotels, motorways, tunnels and toll booths. In rural areas, more simplified versions are available to control road access control. These can be installed with or without an electric gate opener.

Boom Gate System

A typical boom gate system for a municipal property includes a motor, gearbox, and an inverter drive system. There are many accessories that can be added on, including access control, card readers, signs, traffic lights, PVC curtains, PVC high bars, boom lights, wig wag traffic lights, barbed wire, rotor spike capping, flashing lights, alarms, speed bumps, reflective booms, and car park full signs. The design of your solution will depend on the intended usage of the system.

For example, a private car park may need a card reader post that can be adapted to house various types of access control systems. Boom lights should be mounted for poorly lit locations and can be sent to be illuminated or flash. Deterrents like razor wire and rotor spike capping can be added for extra security.

Boom gate systems come in both sliding and swing gate systems. Choosing one solution over the other will require a careful study of the traffic flows and the location of the gate.

Driveway Boom Gate

If you are a property owner in a more remote area and need to control your access road, a driveway boom gate is ideal. These simple solutions are fabricated using galvanized pipe for strength and come with or without an electric gate opener. There are also gate style options like mesh which are great for animal control. Some designs come with a steel lockbox, which ensures that a padlock can be placed out of reach of bolt cutters. This will ensure that nobody can tamper with your gate, even in a remote and out-of-sight area.

Simple bioom and traffic gates can be manufactured that will keep unwanted traffic out of parking lots or from behind buildings. These can be designed in any size.

Boom Gate Supplier in Perth

When selecting your automatic barrier gate solution, remember that the Perth municipality may have specific requirements for your barrier gate installation. Hiring a professional will ensure that you have help with handling the permits and paperwork.

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